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Valuation has never been so easy and so efficient. CARS will transform the way you conduct business and allow you to do more than ever. Reduce your valuation costs while dramatically reducing the time required to generate reports and appraisals. CARS gives your team the power to move faster with more accuracy. Valuations, evaluations, sales comps, broker opinions, appraisal reviews, load packages—CARS does it all.

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With more than 1,800 data items for every property in the United States, CARS provides best-in-class valuation and prediction analytics. Experience the power of Property Analytics and CARS for yourself. Request your complimentary 30-day trial access now. 

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Generate faster appraisals prefilled with national data
Robust, real-time data offers the ultimate accuracy
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1,800 points of data on every property in the US
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Transform Appraisals with CARS

Value assets more accurately, more rapidly, and more efficiently, boosting your revenue and maximizing your profitability. CARS is simple to understand, easy to use for creating reports, and live product support specialists are readily available.

Move Faster with Lower Costs

Reduce your valuation costs by 20% or more

Prepare Customized Reports Quickly and Easily

CARS put it all in the right place

Fully Streamline the Appraisals Process

Create appraisals in hours instead of days

Real-Time Data

Means the most accurate appraisals possible

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All the data is right here, packaged the right way

More Qualitative Insights

Access broker opinions into properties and values