REITs Positioned Better Than You Think

by Benjamin Greenberg

"We’re getting a little bit more comfortable with where we are right now."

Are REITs better positioned financially today than they were during and after the Great Recession? It’s clear that the REIT landscape is still in a period of instability. The coronavirus pandemic and its effects continue, but it appears the sector may avoid the long-term damage suffered in the 2008 financial crisis. In fact, REITs raised more capital in the first half of 2020 than they ever have during a first-half period. And publicly-traded REITs have leveraged lower interest rates to extend debt maturities and lower their average long-term interest rates. 

Will we see a rebound in REIT IPOs in 2021? Is the publicly-traded REIT sector still liquid? Did a decade of conservative management pay off as stability during a time of unprecedented volatility? And do REITs still offer a real advantage over their private counterparts for access to capital markets?

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