Pandemic Offers Opportunity to Advance Diversity and Inclusion at REITs

by Benjamin Greenberg

"ESG is going to become increasingly important post-COVID."

While every organization has to find their own way toward more inclusive practices, the coronavirus outbreak has accelerated the need to deliver more measurable ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) performance in visible ways. While the crisis has created new stressors on the economy and society, it has also brought certain issues into clear focus. Investors no longer see ESG as optional and are curious as to how their investments impact the issues they are passionate about. 

Are we at a new tipping point for social justice and commerce, where a post-Covid world can create win-win scenarios for employees and organizations? Can new ESG governance and initiatives not only create more inclusion but offer greater rewards for all while creating healthier teams and buildings? And will those who adapt and progress on these issues now reap better risk-adjusted returns for their investors versus others who move slower? 

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